cachorros perro de agua español

Spanish water dogs puppies

Perros de aguas en Cádiz

Breeding and selection of Spanish Waters Dogs

cachorros perro de agua español

Put a Spanish Water Dog in your life

cachorros perro de agua español

A rustic, Spanish, strong, agile and resistant dog

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Exceptional partner, dedicated to family


separador perrito

Welcome to the website of the UBBADAT Kennel Spanish Water Dog – Torreperogil, Jaén (SPAIN)

My name is David Colmenero, I live in Torreperogil (Jaén – Spain) and I am the holder of the “UBBADAT” Kennel name dedicated to the exclusive breeding and selection of the Spanish water dog.

The name of UBBADAT comes from Arabic and refers to the nearby city of ÚBEDA – a World Heritage Site -.

We live in the countryside with our dogs, in this way we are in constant contact with them and they are part of our family. They enter the house and live in semi-freedom for much of the day.

We have spacious and hygienic facilities where our dogs sleep and we have our litters in fully disinfected and extremely clean farrowing sheds.

Being living with them, the delivery assistance is total and the puppies are constantly monitored.

We are dedicated to promoting, maintaining and spreading the Spanish Water Dog breed. Making only the right litters at the end of the year to select our specimens. This is why we work with a reservation list for people who want to have a UBBADAT puppy.


The Spanish water dog is a working breed and our job is to preserve its fundamental essence: its functionality, servility and predisposition to work. For this we select our specimens under the premise of their character.


Our main reason for being is the quality of our specimens. All our puppies are delivered with the highest guarantees of quality and genetic selection and character. We are a breed selection family farm.

separador perrito

Puppies to export to the USA
or any country in the world.

We are specialists in exporting puppies to the USA or to any country in the world. We also occasionally have young dogs for show and breeding, or retired adult dogs for the company (pet) of families.

If you are looking for a Spanish water dog puppy with all the guarantees in writing and with the highest quality, write us an email or by whatsapp +34 687 759 303

MORGAN de Ubbadat

F: Encinarejo de Wadi-Anas
M: Jazmina de Anarres

4 – 4,4 Morruco
4 – 4 Bruja del Zagalillo

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): N/N Free
• Congenital Hypothyroidism (CHG): N/N Free
• Hip Dysplasia (HD): A
• Elbow Dysplasia (ED): 0


ESPAÑOL de Ubbadat

F: Jalapeño de Rubioalfaro
M: María de Ubbadat

4 – 5 CH. Estilo de Ubrique (Vudú)
4 – 5 Alcea

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): N/PRA – Carrier
• Congenital Hypothyroidism (CHG): N/N Free
• Hip Dysplasia (HD): A
• Elbow Dysplasia (ED): 0

HERCULES de Ubbadat

F: CH. International de las Trece Barras
M: Cibeles de las Siete Nubes

3,3 – 3 CH. Coco de La Galea
3 – 3 Beltza de La Galea

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): N/N Free
• Congenital Hypothyroidism (CHG): N/N Free
• Hip Dysplasia (HD): A
• Elbow Dysplasia (ED): 0


These are the latest articles that we have in our News section, so that you are always informed.

If you want to see all the news and articles about the Spanish water dog and our kennel that we have published, visit the “NEWS” section

28 October, 2020
Xix de Ubbadat. Perro de agua español

The Spanish water dog is hypoallergenic. Dogs for allergy sufferers.

Allergy to dogs Hypoallergenic dog breeds are canine breeds said to be safer than other breeds for allergy sufferers, although allergists believe that “all safe breed […]
15 July, 2020
Criadero UBBADAT en la revista oficial del perro de agua de Finlandia

Interview about our kennel UBBADAT in the Official Magazine of the Finnish Water Dog Club

UBBADAT KENNEL, in the official magazine of the Water Dog Club of FINLAND   Tell me a little about yourself, your family, your hobbies, your everyday […]
26 June, 2020
Criadero de perros de agua UBBADAT

Report about UBBADAT Kennel Spanish Water Dog in the national spanish newspaper EL MUNDO

THE SPANISH WATER DOG ALREADY HAS ITS LUTHIER ARTICLE PUBLISHED in “Economic News” EL MUNDO newspaper (national circulation – Spain) 2020 June 14, Sunday Visitar reportaje […]
11 March, 2020
Perros de agua español UBBADAT

Recommendations and advice. A Spanish Water Dog puppy at home

RECOMMENDATIONS AND TIPS. A NEW SPANISH WATER DOG PUPPY AT HOME From the UBBADAT kennel we want to give a minimum of necessary information so that […]
14 December, 2018
Buy and import a spanish water dog from Spain to USA

Importation Spanish Water Dog (SWD) from Spain

IMPORTATION OF SPANISH WATER DOG FROM SPAIN Importing a Spanish Water Dog (SWD) puppy from Spain to any country in the world is relatively simple if […]
13 December, 2018
Cachorro de perro de agua UBBADAT

The socialization and imprinting in the Spanish Water Dog (SWD)

SOCIALIZATION AND IMPRINTING IN THE SPANISH WATER DOG The imprinting in dogs is a term used to designate the period and degree of learning in the […]

Quality commitment

From our UBBADAT kennel we have a commitment to quality with the people who acquire our puppies and trust us.

All our puppies are delivered vaccinated and dewormed; at least 60 days old and with its registration in the RSCE to obtain its pedigree.

We have extensive experience in exporting quality puppies to the USA, Europe or anywhere in the world. Also young dogs for show and breeding or for company.

We guarantee that your puppy will pass the Spanish breed confirmation test at a dog show (SPAIN). If this is not the case, a new puppy will be delivered, leaving the first one in the property of the client.