Buy a puppy of Spanish water dog

I want a Spanish Water Dog!!

The decision is taken and the whole family is agree to bring a new member to the family: a Spanish Water Dog!!!.. that I have seen them on the street and look pretty and look like a felt.

Ok, they looks like a bear, yes. But they are not it. They are water dogs, a breed that since antiquity has worked in the field whit the shepherds or at the ports with the fishermen and these persons were working and they work very much and his dogs too.

To acquire a SWD is a very big responsibility that must have to the whole family joined with a few basic procedure of conviviality to be able to enjoy it fullly. To establish procedure and routines will help us to that our new puppy is happy and we also.

From our breeding-place we offer stable, complete and sure puppies of yes same. We deliver them as minimum with 60 days of life and with EARLY STIMULATION realized… but from that one moment the puppy will come to his new home and it is his new family the one that there must promote all that that we have taught him in order that his physical and mental development is the suitable one.



Buy a puppy of Spanish water dog  in USA

Buy a puppy of Spanish water dog in USA


The socialization of the SWD puppy during the first 4 months of life is crucial.

4 months it is the crucial period for a Spanish water dog puppy. And in these 4 months it is necessary to give the most absolute attention to make him to see that the life is wonderful.

It must go to all the possible places, know the major number of persons that you him could present, new dogs and hear and feel all the possible experiences that you could offer him because a lost day is one day less of which he learns.

The dog breed of Spanish waters dog is very versatile, very hard-working and very rustic … and that one wildness does that it is a dog that needs a high degree of socialization in his stage of puppy then to be an adult stable dog.

We want nice water dogs, yes. With good pedigree and free of genetic diseases, yes.



Buy a puppy of Spanish water dog  in Finland

Buy a puppy of Spanish water dog in Finland


With the arrival to his new home we must be established a series of fundamental rules for the conviviality and for the emotional stability of the Spanish waters dog puppy

It has just come to house and what it must do is the puppy to feel calm of that there is no any danger, to feel free to be able to inspect his new home, take place exclusively for him (to be able to move back to rest) and cold water always.

Leaving to the puppy his space he itself will look for our company and will feel sure on having been with us.

But it yes. There are procedure that to fulfill.

And if we do not put them from the first day, there will become we very difficult then to make them respect for an adult dog.

You put the procedure. You, as new owners you decide if the little dog will be able to be raised to the sofa of major or not, to sleep in your bedroom or to do his needs in the terrace or in the garden. But what you do one day clarify it forever.


Buy a puppy of Spanish water dog  in Germany

Buy a puppy of Spanish water dog in Germany


Advice for life of our copies. We do not sell dogs, win families and friends

In every litter that we realize we put all the illusion, desire, effort and money to try that everything goes out the possible better thing. That the future adult dogs that go out of that one selected crossing are as seemed as possible to the standard of the breed of the Spanish waters dogs and that the families that they them acquire could enjoy healthy copies and without problems of character during the whole life of his new partner.

We deliver to all our puppies in hand. We want to know to the family that they will be his owners and want to talk with them, to share experiences, illusions and future possible problems of the water dog puppy that are removing to house.

We support, and this way we make it know, a regular contact with each of the new owners to know the condition of the dog that they took to themselves to house and of his evolution inside the familiar unit.

From here we want to give them thanks to all those families that they have bet for us as breeders. Families of the whole Spain that have taken to themselves a SWD puppy of our breeding-place and that are taken advice and accompanied behind by a responsible breeder who expires with the guarantees that it offers always.

Thank you!

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