23 January, 2018
Califa de Ubbadat. Perro de agua español

Where to buy a Spanish water dog puppy

Steps to follow to buy a good Spanish water dog puppy My name is Antonio Benítez, I live in Seville and I own a Spanish water […]
23 January, 2018
Camada de perros de agua UBBADAT

Breeding Spanish Water Dogs

The breeding of the Spanish water dog Breed and select breed dogs is a passion, it is a way of life. To breed is not to cross two […]
6 September, 2017
radiografía de displasia de cadera perro de agua español

Hip and elbow dysplasia in the Spanish water dog

Hip or elbow dysplasia in the Spanish water dog is a consequence or disease, bone, that manifests months after the birth of the dog and is a consequence not only of genetic but also environmental factors.
19 January, 2017
Estimulación Temprana perro de agua español

Early stimulation in Spanish Water Dog puppies

Early Stimulation in Spanish Water Dog Puppies Our contact with the breed of Spanish water dog begins after having worked for years with German shepherds. The […]