28 October, 2020
Xix de Ubbadat. Perro de agua español

The Spanish water dog is hypoallergenic. Dogs for allergy sufferers.

Allergy to dogs Hypoallergenic dog breeds are canine breeds said to be safer than other breeds for allergy sufferers, although allergists believe that “all safe breed […]
15 July, 2020
Criadero UBBADAT en la revista oficial del perro de agua de Finlandia

Interview about our kennel UBBADAT in the Official Magazine of the Finnish Water Dog Club

UBBADAT KENNEL, in the official magazine of the Water Dog Club of FINLAND   Tell me a little about yourself, your family, your hobbies, your everyday […]
26 June, 2020
Criadero de perros de agua UBBADAT

Report about UBBADAT Kennel Spanish Water Dog in the national spanish newspaper EL MUNDO

THE SPANISH WATER DOG ALREADY HAS ITS LUTHIER ARTICLE PUBLISHED in “Economic News” EL MUNDO newspaper (national circulation – Spain) 2020 June 14, Sunday Visitar reportaje […]
11 March, 2020
Perros de agua español UBBADAT

Recommendations and advice. A Spanish Water Dog puppy at home

RECOMMENDATIONS AND TIPS. A NEW SPANISH WATER DOG PUPPY AT HOME From the UBBADAT kennel we want to give a minimum of necessary information so that […]