14 December, 2018
Buy and import a spanish water dog from Spain to USA

Importation Spanish Water Dog (SWD) from Spain

IMPORTATION OF SPANISH WATER DOG FROM SPAIN Importing a Spanish Water Dog (SWD) puppy from Spain to any country in the world is relatively simple if […]
13 December, 2018
Cachorro de perro de agua UBBADAT

The socialization and imprinting in the Spanish Water Dog (SWD)

SOCIALIZATION AND IMPRINTING IN THE SPANISH WATER DOG The imprinting in dogs is a term used to designate the period and degree of learning in the […]
3 December, 2018
El perro de agua español. Criadero UBBADAT

The Spanish water dog, the ideal breed for families

Many families call us and raise their doubts about whether the Spanish water dog breed is ideal for a family: • Is the Spanish water dog […]
25 January, 2018
Jazz de Anarres, semental perro de agua español

Choose the right male for the breeding of Spanish water dogs

WHAT IS A GREAT REPRODUCER? A specimen (male or female) that we consider to be a great reproducer is not one that wins more exhibitions or […]