Puppies and exemplary young of Spanish water dogs resident in our breeding-place and that are our current promises

 Each of them, a new illusion.
With every litter that we realize our responsibility it is always the same one: to select and to improve the breed of the Spanish waters dogs.
Young specimen and puppies of every litter form a part of our illusions and future breeding plan.

No specimen that comes from our breeding will ever be AFFECTED by PRA or Congenital Hypothyroidism,
creating a solid and healthy base for our future breeding plan.

Maya de Guadalteba. Perro de Agua Español

Puppy Female

Maya de Guadalteba

LOE in process
Father: Mario II del Bolanio
(Jazz de Anarres x Matahari del Bolanio)
Mother: Máxima de Tender Teddy
(Especial Paul de Tender Teddy x Mayaguana de Tender Teddy)

Born: 26/02/2019
Hair color: white / brown
Retinal Progressive Atrophy (PRA): N/N – Free
Congenital Hypothyroidism (CGH): N/N – Free
Hip Dysplasia (HD): in process
Elbow Dysplasia (ED): in process

4 -5 CH. Kin del Bolanio
5 – 5 CH. Vudú (CH. Estilo de Ubrique)
5 – 5 Tirín de Anarres

A new illusion

Each puppy we selected from our litters is treated like a champion since he was born and he is trained to show.
In addition, all of our Spanish water dog puppies receive from 5th day of birth early STIMULATION and later basic training and socialization to make its future as a Dog Show, job or company, exemplary stable.

We breed and select Spanish waters dogs in accordance with the standard of the breed: rustic, strong, with character, good quality hair (wool), and adjusted to your size.