Breeding’s Politics of the UBBADAT Kennel

High selection and breeding of Spanish Water Dog 

UBBADAT is a familiar Kennel – not a commercial kennel with spirit of profit – whose purpose and ultimate goal selection and breeding of Spanish water dog for the conservation of the breed as it was and should remain:
a rustic, strong, proportionate, agile and functional dog of work.

We follow rigorous official veterinary controls in our dogs and in our facilities. We control that any dog destined for the breed is affected by any genetic disease that could transmit it to his descent (PRA, CHG or hip and elbow dysplasia).

All our dogs have full mouth including premolars and their bite is correct.

We work with all our dogs to their physical and mental health is always optimal.

separador perrito

We study in detail each crossing both morphologically and genetically , always seeking to preserve the qualities of the female and improve its possible defects with the breeding used.

All our litters are realized by the only intention of supporting and selecting the Spanish water dog breed. We do not realize litters only with commercial ends.

cachorros perro de aguas español. criadero en Jaén



From Ubbadat Kennel Spanish Water Dogs offer the highest selection of puppies of Spanish Water Dog.
We conducted very few litters a year so if you are interested in having a quality dog to accompany you for many healthy years without character problems, call us and ask for our litters.

We will be happy to assist you and always offer quality advice you’ve always wanted in a specialized kennel.

Our puppies are delivered with all health, vaccinated and dewormed, with vaccination protocol in writing and their papers in order to obtain their pedigree by the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

We give you a document signed by David Colmenero WARRANTIES, the breeder, where all the guarantees of genetic diseases are detailed.

cachorros perro de aguas español. criadero en Madrid



From UBBADAT we breed and select beautiful and characteristic water dogs. Without fears. Stimulated from their birth to be playful and sociable puppies.
The highest quality is based on making the right crosses and always use reproductive units free of congenital diseases so that their offspring do not develop any hereditary disease.

Usually families come to our house to pick up their puppies; In this way they know the parents and obtain first hand the basic recommendations to be able to raise with mental and physical health to its new member of the family.

If you can not come home to pick up your puppy, we will take you in person to your home or the international airport you need.

Families from all over the world have come to our house to visit us and meet our UBBADAT water dogs.
From Argentina, Mexico, USA, Canada, Finland, Germany, Peru, England … and of course much of Spain.

Cachorro de perro de agua en Alicante
Cachorro de perro de agua en Granada
Cachorro de perro de agua en Valencia
Cachorro de perro de agua en Galicia
Cachorros de perro de agua en Madrid
Cachorro de perro de agua en Sevilla
Spanish Water Dog in Germany
Spanish Water Dog in Canada
Spanish Water Dog in Switzerland
Spanish Water Dog in United States of America
Cachorro de perro de aguas en Argentina
Cachorro de perro de aguas en Madrid

Guarantees and conditions of the puppies

• Export inside Europe:
The puppy will have at least 90 days and comes with the chip and rabies vaccine.The ideal thing is that you it come to gather Spain. We will deliver it to you in person in the Spanish airport of Madrid or Malaga. Hereby the puppy will be able to travel with you from return to your country and we will be able to know in person.

• Export out of Europe:
The puppy will have at least 90 days and comes with the chip and rabies vaccine. It will be sent by plane to the airport indicated. The cost of transport is borne by the buyer.

• With vaccines and deworming day of delivery:
All our puppies of Spanish waters dogs are delivered vaccinated and wormed; at least 60 days of life.

• Puppies with pedigree LOE:
Only we breed litters discharged from the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) and therefore all our puppies have their inscription in the LOE (pedigree).

• Guarantee free dysplasia and not affected of PRA and congenital hypothyroidism:
The puppies will be not affected of genetic disease (PRA and congenital hypothyroidism) and are guaranteed to be free of hip and elbows dysplasia.

• Guarantee character / sociability:
All our puppies surrender to EARLY STIMULATION from his 5 º day of life and grow up in a familiar environment. In addition try to have all kinds of external stimuli so that when they are delivered to their new owners are happy, playful and healthy puppies.

• Reserve:
Strict order of application.
To reserve one of our excellent puppies of Spanish waters dog contact us by email ( or by telephone (+34 687 759 303).